Wallpapered Stairway Before and After

I partnered with Poland-based wallpaper company Coloray Decor to do a quick facelift on our stairway. Their peel and stick wallpaper is custom printed to order and shipped for delivery in two days.

Wallpapered stairway before and after.jpg
coloray decor wallpaper.png

I absolutely loved several of their designs, but I could really picture this old world painting on the stairway. The design is called Vase of Flowers.



Starting from the very beginning, this is how it looked when we purchased the house. We've made a few incremental changes including painting the banister and replacing the carpet with solid wood stair treads and risers. Removing the carpet was one of the most satisfying upgrades. I stained the treads with ebony stain and painted the risers white.

wallpapered stairway before.jpg
wallpapered stairway before.jpg

Never one to leave good enough alone, I wanted to try adding more pattern to the space with temporary wallpaper. I love that it's easily removable in case we decide we're done with it or want to move on to another pattern!

wallpapered stairway DIY.JPG

Coloray printed and cut the paper to may exact specifications. I measure the risers and found that they were all close to the same size, but there were variations. I ordered the paper to fit the largest riser, then trimmed down the pieces that were too large on the smallest risers. Since the wallpaper is basically a big sticker, you just remove the backing a stick it on. The only tools needed were scissors and a utility knife.

wallpapered stairway DIY.jpg

And that's it! It took a several hours to do the entire staircase, mostly because of the trimming. It took a little while for my eye to get used to it but I love the result.