How to Propagate Snake Plant

ow to propagate snake plant.jpg

There is nothing quite so satisfying as getting a brand new plant from a plant you already have. I want to share my recent success with rooting Sansevieria (also known as snake plant) in water, a method that, according to several gardening sites, shouldn't work!

I have an old, neglected snake plant that was starting to look sad and leggy. I cut off six of the longest stalks to try to balance and revitalize the plant. Without overthinking it, I placed the cuttings in water in a glass vase on my desk. It took a few weeks, but roots started to form. I was in no hurry, so I just let them continue to live in water for about six months.

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how to propagate snake plant detail.jpg

Last week I noticed that all of the cuttings had really strong looking root systems, and one actually was starting to send up a rhizome which is a clump of new leaves.

Today I potted these rooted cuttings and I'm hoping to see them continue to thrive.

how to propagate snake plant styled detail.jpg