Tween Girl Bedroom Revamp with Rebel Walls

When Rebel Walls contacted me about collaborating on my daughter's bedroom makeover, I jumped at the chance. I used one of their murals in my master bedroom last year and am so very happy with that decision. The mural is printed to fit the wall exactly AND there is no repeat to match up, so no waste. In my experience, it is much easier than hanging normal patterned wallpaper.

Tween bedroom with cloud wall mural.jpg
tween girl bedroom makeover.jpg

What I didn't take into consideration was how hard it would to be to agree on a design for the room! My "client" was a nine year-old girl who has very strong opinions and tastes. We also had to take in to consideration that she has lots of windows and a huge headboard. A feature wall was not going to do the trick, so we had to plan for a mural that would go on all four walls without overwhelming the space. After much discussion, Cuddle Clouds was the mural we decided on. 

girls bedroom redesign with Rebel Walls cuddle clouds mural.jpg
girls bedroom makeover with Rebel Walls cloud wallpaper
cuddle clouds color change.jpg

Before we decided on using wallpaper in this room, we talked about a color scheme. My daughter wanted to paint the walls aqua and use mustard accents. The original Cuddle Clouds design was not exactly the colors we wanted, so luckily Rebel Walls is very open to working with clients to customize their wallpaper. I wanted some of the blue in the paper replaced with greener tones. I send the image shown to the in house designers and and after two revisions, we got the paper just where we wanted it color-wise.

installing wall mural.jpg

I installed the mural myself and yes, it's and undertaking to do four walls of a 12 x 18 foot room. The most challenging part was the four windows and two doorways, I didn't deal with either of those in the master bedroom. I've been asked a number of times if it's realistic to DIY the mural hanging and YES, it is! It can be frustrating at times but it's not hard. You can do this. 

Besides the wall mural, the rest of the room was a real budget makeover. We all know that a girl's taste will change over the next few years, so we didn't invest in any new furniture. We added new bedding, curtains and curtain rods, and some new accent pieces.

Rebel wall cuddle clouds wallpaper in custom colorway.jpg

Overall, we have a super happy girl who loves her new room! Shop the room below.

Tween girls bedroom makeover with cloud wallpaper.jpg