Updating an Updated Bathroom

This bathroom was long work in progress to say the least. We bought the house knowing that we'd need to remodel the master bathroom first thing (it was gross!). My husband was in a hurry to get it done, while I was dragging my feet trying to come up with the ideal design. Finally I gave in to starting the project while still not really knowing what I wanted. That's a bit of a problem. Our other problem was budget -- this is a large bathroom, over 130 square feet. That's a lot of materials and it adds up fast.

We went with a classic all white design which made us both happy. At the time (this project started almost two years ago) as much as I wanted brass faucets and fixtures, they were really expensive. So on our first pass, we ended up going with satin nickel everywhere. Over time I realized that the satin nickel was a huge mistake. It all looked fine but it didn't feel like me. In fact, much of what we did with fixtures I ended up hating -- this is why you shouldn't remodel when you aren't ready and don't have the budget to do what you really want! Lesson learned.

So, two years later I took another pass at this bathroom. It really needed to be warmed up and even masculinized a little. To my husband's dismay, I was ready to mix metals by adding warm antique gold tones with new mirrors and sconces.

updated master bathroom by Kristin Laing Designs

We splurged on a new solid brass urchin chandelier that I love every time I walk in. Worth it.

On the bathtub side, I used two West Elm hexagon mirrors to create a version of a full length mirror that brought style and interest to the room. I added life and texture by filling the ledge above the freestanding tub with more plants. And finally, one of my own paintings for color and personality.

Updated master bathroom by Kristin Laing Designs

Yes, it took two years but now this bathroom feels like mine. We'll share more photos later. For now, feast your eyes on the before photo (before photos always need to be bad don't they?).